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This site contains information on inventions, patented products and other services.

JPCE is diversified into broad categories: Environmental, Product Innovation, Energy and Dental/ Medical Products.

Seal 'N' Dry
The Seal 'N' Dry is a hydraulic reservoir sealed breather system.

CNF (Carbon Neutral Fuel) is a processing system used to turn raw biomass into a clean burning fuel for electric power generation. Learn more about this exciting new technology at www.CNFbiofuel.com

Manhole Odor Eliminator
The Manhole Odor Eliminator is a carbon filter system that fits under a manhole to treat the smells from escaping sewer gases. Learn more at our website www.manholeodoreliminator.com

Inventive Resources, Inc.
Inventive Resources, Inc. (IRI) engineers, manufactures and markets patented products for the environmental and contamination control industry. IRI also designs and constructs museum and trade show exhibits. Visit our site at www.iriproducts.com

Pro Tex
Visit www.protexfaceshields.com , this is our new site for our Pro-Tex® face shields used in the dental and medical fields.



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